The Team

Michael Lacey-Solymar - Chairman

Twenty-five years’ experience within the financial industry, including management positions with UBS and Investec. Michael is also an non-executive director of Science Group plc.

Jack Jachmann – Chief Executive Officer

Thirty years CEO experience, including management at Xerox Engineering Systems, Pitney Bowes Shipping Systems, Dictaphone Corporation, Zen Research, and Cyalume Technologies.

James Cooke, Chief Financial Officer

Twenty-five years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant in corporate finance, including CFO positions at Fulham Inc, IdaTech Group plc, and Datong Electronics plc.

John Currie, Chief Scientist

Twenty-five years’ experience in semiconductor engineering and microfabrication, together with electrochemistry, fluidics, electrical characterisation, and resuscitative medicine.

John Wensman VP - Research & Product Development

Ike Mori - President, CMT Japan

Joe Weber - VP, Strategy & Business Development

Steve Mulhall - VP, Operations

Alex Moseley - VP, Clinical Programs

Helena Snyder - VP, Electrochemistry